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Man, we're cool.

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17th October 2004

tylersinhifi2:22pm: hmma
Well it seems to be pretty dead in this little place, so I figured I would go and throw up a couple of pics to maybe get something happening...
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Current Mood: confused

2nd October 2004

oddreydavis11:33am: Well here we are this year at the show. Miss Kivvy pointed out that mis sarahfo had a green shirt on did she not? looks pretty damned yellow to me...

Current Mood: curious

11th September 2004

oddreydavis5:20pm: Fags
Seeing as i am having the show opening on thursday (hopeing fo will attend) i decided to show off fofos in the past shows.

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Current Mood: craptastic

19th August 2004

oddreydavis8:35pm: A little Different this Year
Ahh, vacation. this year spent a little differently.

we are indeed as every vacation, a little older. a little wiser. a little crazier. but this year our time was spent here and the audfo's house. and outside and around. we had visitors of the sorts, some wanted. some not.

-the warm water
-the lack of sleep
-the PONY
-constant luv-inn
-humping iain in the morn

-the vomit
-the cold
-humping sarah in the morn, than getting yelled at for it!

on with the jazzin.


'I'm a little pony, clipity clop, clipity clop.
such a pretty pony clipity clop clipity clop.'

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Current Mood: can-cer

18th August 2004

tylersinhifi6:05pm: Bloop
I was recently told that I was to post pictures of Los Fofos, so HereCollapse )
Current Mood: crazy

15th August 2004

sarenia10:08pm: visit us
yes if anyone wants to come see us this week it'd be wonderous... we've got a week of partaying needed and any fans are wanted
Current Mood: full
oddreydavis12:24pm: focation.
well, today is a day normally speant together in fofo land. this week, for the last three years has been the first day of focation. we would normally go to the blues festival up in duluth, stay a night in a hotel, go to the cabin in wisaaansin, and hed up to bayfeild and the apostle islands and hit up a bunch of touristy shit on the way sounds like fun right?

anywho, we decided since we are mature adults now that we are 17 and all, that we didn't want to spend time with my family this year and rather party here. woo hoo party!

sarah being much more mature has decided to work instead.

these are our past years of focation.

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Current Mood: nip hurtin
sarenia1:25am: marie!
don't forget the marie contingent (sp?)
there's fofo marie, tofey marie, fofey marie... i like those ones.
Current Mood: nostalgic

11th August 2004

sarenia10:53pm: the story
how it began...

because audrey and i decided to be lovers we called each other pet names such as little chicken dumplings. we soon shortened it to "chicken" and that is what we were until we decided that chickens are real lesbians and we were just pretending. so, what is pretend chicken? thats right, tofu. and thus we became the tofu. (Insert previous song here) we soon experimented with lots of other names that can be read here. if you have heard a different nickname, you should say so.

i believe that is basically it
Current Mood: drained
oddreydavis10:33pm: so its time you say?
Sarah mic lag on. i insist you tell the fofo story to other sarah wore- lee so the world can know how fofo began.

in the mean time i would like to share some of my favorite fofo related nicknames:

Tofu (the all, the whole, the leader of the fo)
foo foo
fotu (foe-too)
los fofos (tyler said it and it touched me)

fare, well.
sarenia10:49pm: i have a song
my name is sarah
my name is audrey
we are the tofus.
Current Mood: blank

1st August 2004

oddreydavis7:38pm: the first and wonderful
welcome everyone.

we have all come together to celebrate the fofos.

share, everyone, your love.

in all forms. pictures, poems, interpretive dance... just do it.
Current Mood: yay!
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